An update on Rebel!

It's been almost exactly 5 years since that sad dog came into my home (November 12, 2014) and today I received this: 

Rebel, starting to look like a proper Sr. citizen, because now he actually IS one! He isn't a shut down dog, who just looks like one because of his neglect.

How old is he? Well, the woman who gave him to rescue said he was 7. I'm guessing he was probably close so that, which makes him about 12. That's great because when he came to me I thought for sure she was lying and he was closer to 11. 

I watched as Rebel got better and literally started looking younger and younger. His fur became shiny and his gaunt frame became healthy. He could lift his head and run! Ok... trot. But it was close to a run!  

Every so often my friend Kate takes care of him for Rebel's new mom Sue when she goes away. Every so often I'm thrilled to get a photo and update about him. Every so often I get nostalgic and so happy to know what his life is like now and how far he's come. He's loved, he's cared for, he's happy. What more could a foster mom want? 

Rebel when he was visiting Kate in May with his pals Piper (right) and Kip (left)


See his full journey: A Foster Dog's Journey |  Rebel's Update | Rebel's Return!  | Rebel Goes Home


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