Rebel's Return!


Rebel standing tall and healthy

It’s been a long road for Rebel, and this weekend was the end of a long marathon for us both. Rebel completed his heartworm treatment and is finally a healthy dog! To celebrate, we went to the woods for a long walk. I took him on the same path we took over 3 months ago when he first came to stay with me.

Now, just as he did then, he trotted the whole way and even ran when the snow would allow us. At one point he stood with his front paws up on a snow bank looking up at a squirrel. I thought I had never seen such a beautiful sight. His back extended upward, neck stretched up, lifting his head and gaze towards the sky, he looked regal and healthy. It was particularly meaningful because I never would have thought the dog who hung his head down at all times, would ever gaze upward.

Rebel’s personality has also come out over the last few months. I’m happy to report his sweetness remains intact. He loves carrying his toys around, he likes to roll on his back and wiggle and when he’s really happy, he does a little hop. He likes to play fight by gently using his mouth and uses his paws to grab your leg. Our once silent boy is now comfortable enough to bark along with the other dogs when someone comes to the door and he’s shown he can be a bit obstinate when he wants to.

One thing that has never changed since day one, is his love for being loved. Starved for affection and desiring to be the center of your dog love is his truest desire. Cuddling on the couch or sleeping on the bed with us is his favorite thing. When he does, he sighs with contentment as he drifts off to sleep.

We have one more minor hurdle and that’s his neuter and dental, before he’s ready to find his forever home. I’m not too worried about it. After all Rebel has been through in his life, I think this will be a piece of cake for him.

Rebel would like to thank everyone who donated to help cover his medical fees. Also everyone in MassARPH, especially Anne Zononi who gave much needed encouragement and moral support and to Kate Olsen for taking him over the holidays and showing him the ocean for the first time in his life. It takes a village, and sometimes a raw marrow bone helps too.


Read about Rebel's time with us and see how far he's come in "Rebel" and "A Foster Dog's Journey."


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