About Us

Sometimes in life you get lucky. You may plan and research for years, or simply stumble upon your luck. Regardless of how it came about, good fortune shined on you and brought you your once-in-a-lifetime dog. Phebe was that dog for me. She grabbed my heart from the moment I looked at her and never let it go. She was my Lassie and my Rin Tin Tin, with a bit of Einstein and a dash of Lucille Ball for spice.

Phebe was my first dog so I had never before experienced anything like it. I learned what having a dog was about. It was everything from rolling in dead things, to stealing my sandwich, but mostly she had me laughing and smiling every day. Being a designer and artist, she inspired me to capture her escapades through my drawings of her.

Ball Detector
Phebe doing what she loved best


Over the years I had intended to have the drawings printed on shirts for a few of my friends and family. However as life often does, things get busy and the days slip by without noticing. One day however, I felt a sudden motivation to finally have those shirts made. I jumped into action and found a quality printer, chose the shirts and placed my order. Little did I know at the time, that my sweet Phebe would be gone before the shirts even arrived at my door. Just a few weeks shy of her 13th birthday, she suffered congestive heart failure and I had to say goodbye to my heart and soul. Never had I imagined I could love a dog so much, or suffer such heartbreak from her death. 

Western Hills Sweet Dreams, call name, Phebe
1999 – 2012


I collected my shirts and gave them out despite my sadness. It meant all the more to those who received them, bringing a smile and a little laughter when thinking of that precocious girl I had come to know and love. Those smiles are what inspired me to draw more from my memories with her. Each drawing allowed me to go back in time and be with my girl while healing my broken heart.

I find comfort knowing that Phebe lives on through the laughter of happy customers. She reminds us that it’s ok to love your dog deeply and wear your heart on your sleeve. So I invite you to wear it proudly, and tell everyone how lucky you truly are.

Lorena Proia

Proud owner and guardian


The Dynamic Duo
Phebe and Jack


Juno and Phebe
Phebe and Lorena
Phebe and Me