A Foster Dog's Journey: Adoption Update!

I saw Rebel today!

It's been 5 months that he's with his new mom. He now lives on Cape Cod and has a wonderful life walking the beaches and being pampered every day. I was excited, and yet a little afraid to see him. Would he remember me? Will I have just been another bump in the road for him? 

We pulled up to my friend Kate's house and they were all sitting outside. I didn't know what to expect but I was happy to see him all the same. He ran up and he remembered us! He was SO HAPPY to see us! He was all wiggles and licks and my husband was soon giving his old buddy belly rubs! 

I spent the afternoon hearing about his adventures and all the things he's done and learned. I had a smile from ear to ear and gave him lots of love. I was shocked that my skin and bones rescue dog was getting fat! I hated to be the weight nazi, but reluctantly reminded his new mom that his hips weren't great so she had to watch his weight. The vet explicitly said not to let him get heavy because his hips couldn't take it. I felt like the scolding grandmother, but I had to tell her!

It filled my heart to see him so loved and content. But I wasn't prepared for what happened when he went home that evening. After a months of feeling like I let him down, I didn't know what to expect. I wondered if he'd remember us when I greeted him, but something I never really thought about was when he had to go home. I sat on a step and gave him all the scratches and love that I could and told him to be good and that I loved him. His mom said "ok, Rebel, we have to go." He looked up at her and turned and left. He never once looked back and as they neared the car, he glanced up at his mom for reassurance as normally dogs do, and then hopped into the car. 

He didn't care. He left with the person he loved. I couldn't believe how happy I was. He loved his new mom so utterly and completely that I almost burst with joy. Of course I started crying a little, but this time it wasn't because I let him down, but because I gave him a leg up! A weight that I didn't even realize was there, lifted. I felt light and happy and full of love. I knew he didn't remember his confusion and fear. He was utterly happy with his new home and this time, it was forever. 

Rebel a few weeks before his adoption

March 2015 a few weeks before his adoption in April


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