Dogs in the News - Dog Poop: Better than Congress?

(These are notable, true stories from the mainstream press. Whether heartwarming, funny, perplexing, or touching, they all serve to remind us how dogs are so entwined in our lives, and sometimes in unique and unusual ways.)

I’ve always wanted to use ‘dog poop’ and ‘Congress’ in the same sentence.  I knew if I waited long enough I would get my chance, and here it is.

A recent poll by Public Policy Polling, a Democrat-favorable North Carolina firm that promotes itself as "highly accurate polling across the country" surveyed 502 voters this past week on their opinions of Congress.  




Of the respondents, 47% had a more favorable opinion of dog poop while only 40% preferred Congress.  13% were undecided, which might lead one to wonder how people like that are allowed to vote.  

We think that’s pretty funny, and certainly in keeping with my views.  But at Phebe-n-Me we all love dogs, so just about anything having to do with them is better than Congress in my opinion, even the nasty bits.

Interestingly, people had such a low opinion of Congress that witches, hemorrhoids, cockroaches and toenail fungus all scored higher.  Again, all of which I personally agree with, except for the toenail fungus.  That stuff is GROSS!  So I’m told…

NOTE: As of this writing, we're in the midst of a government shutdown due to Congress' inability to pass a budget.


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See the survey results:

Public Policy Polling Survey




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