Bad weather got you down?


A tired dog makes a good dog, as the saying goes.

Your dog is just like a little kid looking out at the rain saying "I'm BORED!" He will turn to you for something to do and if you don't have anything to occupy him, he might make his own busy work. When that happens, you're likely to find that you weren't too pleased with their brilliant idea.

Take a few minutes and play some indoor games with your puppy. Get the kids involved and now you have the whole family entertained.

Using your dogs brain can be as effective at tiring them out as a romp in the park. They are engaged, busy, happy and bonding with you the entire time. When it's all done they will have burned off that energy and you'll find that you and your pup are much happier.

Download our free Foul Weather Games for some great ideas and instructions to play some indoor games.

Let the games begin!





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