Getting lucky

Sometimes in life you get lucky. You may stumble upon your luck, adopt it, or even plan and research for years. Regardless of how you came upon it, you got lucky. Fate brought you to your once in a lifetime dog. The perfect dog. The dog that touches your heart in ways you can’t even describe to people.


Phebe was that dog for me. She grabbed my heart from the moment I looked at her, and never let it go. She was my Lassie, and my Rin Tin Tin, with a dash of Einstein and Lucille Ball for spice. I was definitely in over my head with this girl and she had me coming and going.

Throughout our journey together she taught me that the best things in life are the simple things. Greet those you love with enthusiasm when they come home, love them fiercely, defend them bravely and above all, make them give you treats. I learned that not only can you laugh every day, but forgiving is easy and sweetness and love can melt the most hardened of hearts.

When you get lucky in life with a wonderful dog, every day is a celebration. Even your sad times have a smile, and tears are kissed away. Phebe introduced me to the wonderful experiences that only a dog can bring and as a designer, she inspired me to draw her escapades. Through her, I learned to see the world through doggy eyes and found that the world is a wonderful place to be.

Unfortunately dogs don’t live forever but for me, she lives on through Phebe-n-Me. Phebe and her many dog friends continue to inspire me and have brought love and laughter to people all over the globe. Above all, she always reminds me that it’s ok to wear your heart on your sleeve.


I miss you my girl.



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