Most Interesting Man in the World is Up to Something Interesting

You know the commercials, right?  The most interesting man in the world talking about his exploits in the hope that you’ll buy some Dos Equis beer.  And apparently a lot of us did, because the commercials have been wildly successful.

Interesting side note: Do you remember the commercial a while back with the line “It’s not nice to fool Mother Nature”?  Quick!  Name that product!  Most people can’t.  Because of the failure to tie it to the product, it’s a prime example of a poorly constructed advertising campaign.  If you’re interested, here it is.  How about “Plop, plop, fizz, fizz.  Oh, what a relief it is”?  Of course, that’s Alka-Seltzer“Brand recall” is a very important aspect of advertising.

Anyway, back to the most interesting man in the world, who happens to be 75 year-old actor Jonathan Goldsmith, of Manchester, VT.  And he happens to care about dogs.  He and the nearby Orvis Company are active supporters of the Morris Animal Foundation and are together helping them raise money to fight cancer in dogs.  Goldsmith, the owner of two Anatolian shepherds, lost a beloved pet to cancer and is using his newfound fame to help a very worthy cause.

And if you have a dog, check out the Orvis Cover Dog contest fundraiser here. 

Watch Jonathan’s commercial on YouTube

You can learn more about the Morris Animal Foundation by visiting their website.



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