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Meet Millie!

Millie’s family embraces her successes, no matter the size because she has overcome quite the rocky start in life. Her dad found her as a young puppy on a rural road, where she had been tossed out with a bag of trash. She was in such poor shape that, had he not come along when he did, she would not have survived another day.

Although Millie grew up to be the picture of health, she had anxiety in novel situations and was reactive when meeting new dogs. So, when nose work classes first became available where Millie lived, her mom enrolled her. The sport was touted as being one that “even reactive dogs could play.”

Now, Millie and her mom actively trial in nose work competitions. Not only does Millie love the sport, but the two of them make a great team. Millie is able to tune out the novel sights and sounds and just focus on finding the odor.

The difference in Millie’s confidence from the time of that first class until now is remarkable. Not only has she earned her Canine Good Citizen certification, but she is currently pursuing her NW3 title. What a life changing opportunity that Nose Work has provided Millie.

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