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Meet Millie, Our Nose Work Muse
Meet Millie! Millie is the inspiration for our newest canine sport shirt "The Nose...

Meet Millie, Our Nose Work Muse

Meet Millie!

Millie is the inspiration for our newest canine sport shirt "The Nose Knows!" Nose Work has been the latest step in her growth and confidence. She's gone from abandoned pup, to blue ribbon winner and now, top model at Phebe-n-Me!

Millie’s family embraces her successes, no matter the size because she has overcome quite the rocky start in life. Her dad found her as a young puppy on a rural road, where she had been tossed out with a bag of trash. She was in such poor shape that, had he not come along when he did, she would not have survived another day.

Although Millie grew up to be the picture of health, she had anxiety in novel situations and was reactive when meeting new dogs. So, when nose work classes first became available where Millie lived, her mom enrolled her. The sport was touted as being one that “even reactive dogs could play.”

Now, Millie and her mom actively trial in nose work competitions. Not only does Millie love the sport, but the two of them make a great team. Millie is able to tune out the novel sights and sounds and just focus on finding the odor.

The difference in Millie’s confidence from the time of that first class until now is remarkable. Not only has she earned her Canine Good Citizen certification, but she is currently pursuing her NW3 title. What a life changing opportunity that Nose Work has provided Millie.

Written by Amy Mathews


As Millie can attest ... The Nose Knows! Check it out!

And still more funny dog cartoons

And still more funny dog cartoons





Ball Detector
After I lost my dog Phebe one of the first drawings I created was “ball detector”. It...

Ball Detector

After I lost my dog Phebe one of the first drawings I created was “ball detector”. It represented some of my favorite memories with her. When drawing, I could imagine her perfectly and see her on one of our walks in the woods when she would suddenly scamper off and return proudly with a tennis ball. She never ceased to amaze me with that little skill of hers. She adored playing fetch so much that she seemed to find them wherever we went

She found tennis balls at friend’s houses, on college campuses, school yards, golf courses, in the woods, on beaches, … you name a place and she probably found a tennis ball there. I rarely ever bought them because if we ran low, we would simply go down to the tennis courts and I would let her collect as many as she could find in the bushes.

Her gift for finding balls extended to anything I asked her to find and bring back. I would say, “find it” and she would search the area until she found whatever the requested item was. A friend once threw a stick for our dogs and it inadvertently went over an 8 foot high, chain link fence, into the woods. We assumed it was gone, but Phebe watched on alert as it flew, tracking it in the air. When it landed, she was off in a flash to retrieve it. She ran several hundred yards away from us to where the fence ended and then she circled behind, into the woods to find it. I’ll never forget my friend’s exclamation as we watched her. “If she finds that exact stick, I’m going to [insert slightly off color remark about his pants here]! I silently cheered her on as she began her hunt amongst the MILLIONS of sticks in the undergrowth of the woods. “Come on Phebe! You can do it! I know you can!” I shouted, to no one but myself. We watched as she circled, head low sniffing out her quarry. She suddenly stopped, dropped her head into the undergrowth and emerged with … THE EXACT STICK! I was so proud of her I cheered quite audibly this time, “GOOD GIRL PHEBE!” As she ran back down the fence line and around to us I laughed and asked him if he wanted to go home and change his pants. His only remark was “UNBELIEVABLE!” I just smiled and thought, “Believe it.”

She really retrieved anything for me and I honestly didn’t realize how much I relied on her little gift until she was gone. I now had to go out into the yard and bring the dog toys in myself, or retrieve the ball after the other dogs lost interest. Somehow playing fetch was never the same after Phebe died. The Chuck-It that went everywhere with us, began to collect dust as the joy faded from the game.

I cherish the memory of her ability to find and retrieve so well, not only because it was what she loved to do most in life, but because at the very end, it was those very memories that brought her peace. As I held her in my arms, our last moments together, she struggled to breath and seamed agitated as she shifted trying to find a position she could relax in. I don’t know my reasoning really, but I began to tell her what a wonderful dog she was so I could remember all of the wonderful things we did together. Something happened in those moments and we were granted some peace, and what felt like a true understanding on her part. I started, “Do you remember how you could always find a ball no matter where it was? And how you made sure you always found YOUR ball, not some other dog’s ball?” She suddenly began to relax as if to say, “yes, mamma, I do. Tell me more.” I continued and she relaxed her head a little more into my hands as she listened. “Do you remember how we would go for long walks in the woods and you would always find a ball somewhere?” She seemed to miraculously breathe a bit easier as her tension dissipated and she listened to the sound of my voice. Seeing her calm down, I went on hoping it was somehow helping her. I reminisced about how much she loved playing fetch and how she would bring back whatever I asked her to; even the toys the other dogs left in the yard. I remembered other things, like the way she and Jack would take off running for the pure joy of it and always came back from some unexpected direction. I told her how she took care of us all and always made sure I knew if the water bowl was empty, or that it was time for dinner. Each little story helped her relax a bit more and gain some comfort as we reviewed our life together.

She let the weight of her body relax into mine and as the vet approached, I knew our time was at an end. I whispered to her how much I loved her now and for the rest of my days. The doctor began her procedure and as Phebe slipped into sleep, I said, “Run like the wind my baby girl. Run and be free. I will always love you.” I sobbed when she was gone, but I was grateful she was no longer in pain. I knew she was holding on for me, and the last gift I could give her, was to set her free.

Contrary to what you might think, I always feel happy when I look at “ball detector”. I don’t think about losing her, but instead think about our happy days together, finding tennis balls in the woods. There is also a special comfort that comes when someone identifies his or her own dog in my drawing. It makes me happy to know that there are millions of “Ball Detectors” out there, finding joy in every little yellow ball that they discover.

The Fortune Cookie
Years ago I finally found myself in a place where I could get a DOG! I was so excited...

The Fortune Cookie

Years ago I finally found myself in a place where I could get a DOG! I was so excited and had my heart set on a smart one. An Australian Shepherd to be exact. During my search I met a wonderful breeder who had a litter planned that was going to be “bred for brains”. PERFECT! I could see it all… my smart dog would be just like Lassie! She would tell me Timmy fell in the well or that the bad guys were hiding out at the abandoned barn. You know… the usual smart dog things that smart dogs do.

I obviously knew all about smart dogs, so I couldn’t quite understand why the breeder kept asking, “Are you sure?” … of course I was sure! Why did she keep saying this? I knew I wanted a smart dog and would not be deterred.

In her first full day with us, my new puppy Phebe learned “sit”, “leave it”, and began to fetch… she was SO SMART! I beamed like a proud momma. I knew it! She was exactly what I wanted. As time passed however, things began to change. My beautiful smart puppy grew and had more and more energy and fewer puppy naps. Along with that, she had more courage and began testing her world.

My sweet puppy swiftly became an expert in the art of cat (dog) burglary. Every situation became an opportunity in Phebe’s eyes. Shoes, gloves, basically anything that wasn’t nailed down was hers to explore, be it for eating, play or dissection. Even in her “obedience” class she managed to mug a fellow student. Yes, “mug”. On recall, she ran to me, but quickly swerved and in one swift move jumped up, grabbed a woman’s treat bag and ran off with the goods! The room erupted in laughter and I was so embarrassed. My dog was a pickpocket!! “Ok Oliver Twist, give back the bag and let’s go home.” I was pretty sure Lassie didn’t mug people. I was also certain Lassie didn’t break into secured tote bags, open doors and cabinets, climb furniture, shred mail or a myriad of other things that smart dogs actually do.  

I was defeated. My smart dog had me running in circles but I finally understood what “smart,” meant. It meant mischievous, clever, focused on a goal and most importantly, that there was no such thing as an obstacle, just wonderful problems to be solved. I was DEFINITELY in over my head.

The best memory, though, is of Phebe and the fortune cookies. One evening we ordered Chinese food for dinner and I left the take out box with several fortune cookies on the dining room table. That’s it. Napkins, chopsticks, and a few cookies in their wrapper. No real “food”. I ran out for a quick errand and returned to find the contents of the box on the floor.

Now normally a dog would scarf the cookies up, plastic wrappers and all. Others might use a little more finesse and get the wrappers off, but the paper fortune nestled inside each cookie would be in pieces if not completely eaten. Not true for Phebe of course. She meticulously opened the wrappers, ate the cookies, and left the paper fortunes perfectly intact on the floor. As I wondered to myself if she maybe had hidden opposable thumbs I wasn’t aware of; I reached down and picked up a fortune. It read, “Your intelligence and exuberance are often misunderstood.” I burst out laughing. How perfect for her! Yes Phebe, your intelligence and exuberance WERE often misunderstood. Phebe may not have been perfect like Lassie, but if it came to a test of ingenuity and resourcefulness, I think I know who would have come out on top.

I placed her fortune on my refrigerator to always remind me that while a dog’s behavior may be seen as misbehaving, it could also be seen as a smart dog just being smart. It still sits on my refrigerator today, making me smile every time I see it. As they say, be careful what you ask for. You just may get it!